National Competition

This competition signifies our commitments in:


• Providing the opportunity for UCMAS students to compete with each other all over South Africa

• Providing an arena for battle of minds for exceptional speed and mental precision in accordance with Multiple Intelligence Theory

• Affirming competence and recognizing the excellent achievements of UCMAS students and the learning of Abacus & Mental Arithmetic

• Fostering a closer relationship with the UCMAS course instructors and students


UCMAS South Africa hosted their National Competition in Gauten during May 2014. Students participated in Mental Artihmetic (200 sums 8 minutes) – Listening Competition, Tangam and Twingrams, Maze and Flash Cards.


How the competition works:


UCMAS Centres across South Africa will gather on a yearly basis. These competitions will determine the UCMAS champions of their respective areas and in the whole of South Africa. These young champions (Places 1 to 3 in their respective categories) would then be invited by UCMAS South Africa to participate in the UCMAS International Competition, held annually in Malaysia.

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