National Competition

This competition signifies our commitments in:


• Providing the opportunity for UCMAS students to compete with each other all over South Africa

• Providing an arena for battle of minds for exceptional speed and mental precision in accordance with Multiple Intelligence Theory

• Affirming competence and recognizing the excellent achievements of UCMAS students and the learning of Abacus & Mental Arithmetic

• Fostering a closer relationship with the UCMAS course instructors and students


UCMAS South Africa will be hosting their 11th National Competition in Kempton Park on 25 August 2018. Students will participate in Mental Artihmetic (200 sums 8 minutes) – Listening Competition, Flash Calculation Tangam, Twingrams, Maze and Flash Cards.


How the competition works:


UCMAS Centres across South Africa will gather on a yearly basis. These competitions will determine the UCMAS champions of their respective areas and in the whole of South Africa. Only the best of these young champions will then be invited by UCMAS South Africa to participate in the UCMAS International Competition, held in Kuala Lumpur on 9 and 10 December 2018.

12th South African National Competition 2019


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