Entire Brain Development (6 Fingers)

This is a short extract from the research on the new 4th generation Abacus program. (Differences between the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation programs


Why UCMAS and not another Abacus program?


UCMAS "Six Fingers manipulating enhances the ten fingers activation" system:














Left and right thumbs were used 261 times, affecting the prefrontal cortex and spleen; left and right index fingers were used 260 times, effecting the frontal lobe and liver; left and right middle fingers were used 242 (763 times 31.72%), affecting the parietal cortex and heart; auditory and visual to count make the temporal lobe and occipital lobe acting 763times is also moved by the impact of kidney / lung by 763 times.


Trained and untrained children slightly different in the processing strategies, untrained children use only language (frontal lobe) processing strategies, and trained children use the language, auditory and visual spatial strategies, with the abacus mental arithmetic practice more and more frequent (usually taking 3 years to practice), children are more inclined and balance (parietal lobe of the special effects) in the language (frontal lobe), auditory (temporal lobe) and visual (occipital) space strategies[1].


When manipulating, the cerebellum is activated, indicating that the cerebellum is also involved in manipulating cognitive processing activities. Cerebellum is playing an important role in learning-memory function (Brain higher Function). Experience or skills of learning memory function will be to program in the form stored in the cerebellum. When the instruction of cerebral cortex (which must be simple instructions) reaches to cerebellum, it will easily, quickly and accordingly complete the task instructions in the procedures. Therefore, Abacus training will form a digital processing strategy (especially optimized processing strategy) that can form a procedure in the cerebellum. In a way to speed up the implementation of digital processing strategies will improve the number processing in an automatic formation.


Consumption, increase speed and improve decision accuracy rate (working performance), to promote the operational capabilities of the brain (inspired by the brain potentials.)


This method can be so mean about the whole lobe interaction, to use the "hand is not only the mother of the brain, but also the brain of the child". This specific function to achieve: the image abacus in the brain manipulating, the hand nerves are also automatically, skilfully running, subsequently making the brain more flexible; when fingers is manipulating, it will automatically activate the brain cells, five major organs will inspire healthily and stronger, the other parts of body will be naturally strong[2].


Conclusion, the power of six-finger manipulation is: It will be physically, psychologically and mentally fit and brain will automatically showed the strength of instinctive rapport.


Note: Only three commands for the Six-fingered manipulation (thumb to put up, index finger to push down, middle finger just to control the upper beads), and right-left fingers are having the same. The power of six-fingered manipulation is: It will be physically, psychologically and mentally fit and brain will automatically show the strength of instinctive rapport.


TWO hands FOUR fingers (Thumb, Index & Middle) manipulation:














This is a very good and wonderful system, a little disappointed that the left thumb and right middle finger do not use to manipulate, the dermatoglyphics of distal fingers and the sharp edges of diamond beads are not formed the focus of friction to trigger the right frontal lobe and left parietal lobe function. The activation of parietal lobe (right parietal lobe) is only 75 times (763 times 9.83%, a little less pathetic).


Where inferior parietal lobe』may play a central role (balance function), and long-term mental arithmetic training may strengthen the function of certain brain areas related to plasticity, easily achieve the efficiency of synaptic transmission of brain regions, and may even have specific information processing channels, improve the information processing speed. There is posterior temporal lobe and the top of posterior parietal lobe may be the control centre of mental arithmetic, children through the temporal lobe and posterior parietal lobe can count beads into the digital representation. Parietal lobe is the main of the whole brain system, is the balanced point, the control centre, and also the crossroads of pathways[3].


ONE hand TWO fingers manipulation:














Scientists note: left hand & right brain, right hand & left brain interaction is instructive about the best way. Scientists also think that the relationship of fingers and lobes are very close[4]. Lack of one finger, the operation will reduce the function of lobe and function of major organ. So, can the manipulation by using only one hand with two fingers enhancing the whole brain and organs perfectly?


UCMAS "Six Fingers manipulating enhances the ten fingers activation" system in abacus computation is to make abstract ideas become more specific, visualized, game-playable. From intangible (numbers) become tangible (bead) education. And from tangible become visualized - a breakthrough in thinking education which directly stimulate children animation memory, enhance children instinct thinking, logical thinking, understanding thinking, divergence thinking, optimization, creative thinking, inspiration thinking, visual thinking and afflatus thinking.

Left Right Left & Right Total
Thumb Index Middle Thumb Index Middle Ring Little Movement
Addition 108 23 39 52 77 87 386 386 386
Subtraction 23 111 36 78 49 80 377 377 377
Total 131 134 75 130 126 167 763 763 763
Left Right Left & Right Total
Thumb Index Middle Thumb Index Middle Ring Little Movement
Addition 0 131 39 92 127 0 386 386 386
Subtraction 0 134 36 107 100 0 377 377 377
Total 0 265 75 199 227 0 763 763 763
Left Right Total
Thumb Index Middle Thumb Index Middle Movement
Addition 0 0 0 221 165 0 386
Subtraction 0 0 0 139 238 0 377
Total 0 0 0 360 403 0 763

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