Area Manager

Why become Area Manager?

We make it possible for individuals, who intend to work in the rewarding field of mental development education and who doesn’t have the capital of owning a franchise yet.


We will provide you with on going professional training that you can depend on for the growth of your business.

Do you fit the profile?

We are looking for people who has the following features:


• Individuals who have entrepreneurial interests of setting up businesses with minimum investment that yields good returns.

• Individuals who see education as an important service to humankind and who wish to be involved directly in creating generations

   of youth who will influence the world in positive ways.

• Individuals who love to teach and wish to make a profitable and and fulfilling career in education.

• Individuals who want to have an honourable livelihood that is mentally, emotionally and socially fulfilling.

• Low startup capital required

• Training costs applicable

• Manage a UCMAS Centre

• Setup support

• Marketing and materials support

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